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Oct 18, 2016
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Oct 18, 2016

Two high profile personalities who are making an impact on a subject that touches our everyday lives - eating. Prominent food scientist, Professor Tim Noakes has been in the news lately with his controversial Banting diet - a diet that was once used for weight loss but went out of favour in the west some 55 years ago. It was replaced with one that emphasised low fat foods.
There are similarities in the diets of Holford and Noakes in that they both promote certain food combinations that release energy slowly and therefore reduce any tendency to overeat, there are also significant differences in that Noakes food combination includes an almost total exclusion of quick energy releasing carbohydrates and an inclusion of previously villified fats which work together to satisfy the appetite and therefore require fewer meals while Holford’s low Gl diet includes minimal carbohydrates and frequent low-enegy reducing meals.
As a highly respected nutritionist in the sporting world what actually led Professor Noakes to his change of mind from someone advocating a high carbohydrate diet for athletes back in the 1980’s to now recommending the opposite.