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Nov 10, 2015

A double-bill with strong contrasting themes of political intrigue and social discrimination.


Strike was written during the height of the apartheid era when industrial unrest among black workers began to challenge the rigid laws that excluded them from belonging to effective labour unions. In order to deflect the attention of the security police at the time, the play was supposedly set in some unknown place in the world where the majority of its citizens were living under repressive laws.

On Strike is a satirical view of the worker/boss relationship set within the context of a Commedia dell’ Arte circus romp. It takes much of its inspiration from the prevailing theatre of the absurd genre of the time.

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Strike! on Strike
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 4 reviews
by Roy Christie on Strike! on Strike
Excellent sense of humor!
Title / Company: Natal Daily News, 8th October, 1971

On Strike. “Herrington is a playwright with an obvious predilection for the absurd and possessed of a sense of humour, which leavens his work. I found it a worthwhile evening of original theatre. I hope Mr Herrington’s pen proves to be prolific.”

by Tim Aitchison on Strike! on Strike
Title / Company: The Natal Mercury, 8th October 1971

“Strike ....illuminates a new the ideas of totalitarianism, the conflict in loyalties arising when a state is governed in confusion between the rule by law and the rule of law, and the eternal existence on conscience. What pleased about the dialogue Mr Herrington has written is that all his characters speak with the words of real people to give an uncanny realism to the play.”

by Maureen Schoch on Strike! on Strike
Pursuit of truth and Justice
Title / Company: Sunday Tribune, 10th October 1971

“strike, produced by the playwright himself, has the ingredients of powerful, compelling theatre with a strong theme concerning the disillusionment of the idealist and his disintegration in the pursuit of truth and justice.”

by Roy Christie on Strike! on Strike
Title / Company: Natal Daily News, 8th October 1971

Strike “It is powerful theatre, gaining in its impact by the immediacy of its performance in the Square Space Theatre. Ostensibly derived from the situation which existed in Fascist Italy in the 1920’s, it has a universal human significance and it is easy to find parallels much closer to home.”