Jan Smuts Documentary Publicity

What a brilliant piece of work; I learned so much about this great legend.  What responses have you had from the public and media?  I hope you submit the doccie for some awards – you guys deserve recognition for this effort.  Well done!
Charles Moore
Spring Studios

Just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent documentary on the Oubaas, I very much enjoyed watching it today.  JC certainly looks a lot like his grandfather, doesn’t he! 
Philip Weyers
Jan Smuts’ Great Grandson

I had tears in my eyes for boer war. This is quite outstanding.
Jacky parker
Member of the British Historical Society

Let me compliment you and all that had a part to play in the production of
“The Flawed Genius of Jan Smuts”. What a Production !
I do hope that one day I will be in possession of a copy of this incredible production.
Carl Mouton
19 October, 2015

Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work. I think it did a fine job in trying to portray such and enigmatic and great man. It is such a shame that that a figure of his stature is virtually forgotten and misunderstood in his own country!
Guy du Plessis
MA Psych (SA)
HPSCA Reg Counsellor

With his extensive experience in television and the power of the camera to capture nuances of images, Herrington describes situations and characters well. If England Wants Your Gold is anything to go by, the forthcoming two novels should make the basis of a good three-part television series.
Caroline Smart
Editor of Art Smart