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A riveting story laced with romance, humour, political intrigue and violence against the background of the infamous Jameson Raid that triggered the Anglo-Boer War. Caught up in the turbulence of the time is Brigid O’Meara, a beautiful Irish musical hall performer who arrives in Pretoria in 1895 to have an illegal abortion only to find herself drawn into the intrigues of a group of British Uitlander sympathisers, who are planning the overthrow of Paul Kruger’s Boer republic. She falls in love with the charismatic leader of the group, a trader who is smuggling weapons into the Transvaal, and operating from a small, unpretentious hotel right on the doorsteps of the Raadsaal.

The discovery of gold in the Transvaal was a double-edged sword bringing wealth to the impoverished agrarian economy, but adding to the simmering conflict between the republic and Great Britain. When a burgher announced joyfully to General Joubert that a new gold reef had been discovered, he replied, ‘You would do better to weep; for this gold will cause our country to be soaked in blood.’


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by Smart Editor: ArtSMart on Tekweni Productions
Absolutely beautiful
Title / Company: ArtSmart

England Wants Your Gold is set against the backdrop of the infamous Jameson Raid that triggered the Anglo-Boer War. The story deals with the experiences of a beautiful young musical hall performer called Brigid O’Meara. When we first meet her, she is in a lonely and unhappy personal space and has to face a difficult decision. A figure from her past comes back to haunt her, determined to wreak revenge for something she has done. While England Wants Your Gold is an act of fiction, Herrington has drawn from his personal past where his predecessors were much involved in issues of the times. He has mixed this information with historical facts to make what is an interesting read, particularly for those who are not familiar with this period of South African history.

With his extensive experience in television and the power of the camera to capture nuances of images, Herrington describes situations and characters well. If England Wants Your Gold is anything to go by, the forthcoming two novels should make the basis of a good three-part television series.

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